Hello Survivors,

With all the excitement to come, the Free Fire OB43 Update will be ready for launch by this Wednesday, January 24th. For a smooth and trouble-free update experience, Garena Free Fire sincerely announce to you the update procedure for OB43, detailed as follow:


  • Preparation Time: Estimated to take about 1h30m (From 07:00AM → 08:30AM, January 24th, 2024)
  • During this period, you will be able to play the game normally with the OB42 version. However, starting from 08:30, you won’t be able to queue up for rank modes in OB42.
  • Detailed schedule:
    • From 07:00AM -> 08:30AM: Proceeding data synchronization, getting ready for Google Play & App Store update.
    • From 08:30AM
      • Close BR/CS Ranked queue in OB42 server. 
      • Proceeding in-game data synchronization for the two OBs.


  • Estimated Time: From 09:00AM - Jan 24th →01:00PM - Jan 26th*
  • Detailed schedule:
    • Starting from 09:00AM - Jan 24th*: OB update will be published onto Google Play & App Store (The “Update” button may experience some delay, please refresh your store in case you cannot see it in the first place)
    • During this period, the OB42 server WILL REMAINED OPEN.
    • You can choose to play in OB42 or OB43 during this period (if you still want to play in OB42, you may choose “Update Later” when entering the game). However, these following features will be restricted in OB42, which mean they cannot be used until you update to OB43:
      • BR/CS Ranked
      • Dynamic Duo
      • Craftland Studio
      • Booyah Pass
      • In-game Event
    • We recommend you to update to OB43 as soon as possible to re-unlock all Free Fire’s feature, as well as experience the newly updated content that are unavailable in OB42, including:
      • Weapon and character adjustments
      • Nexterra 2.0 Update
      • New feature:
        • Login history 
        • Spectating friend’s match
        • Item wishlist
        • All-team voice chat in custom room
      • Guild System Optimization
    • In addition, please note that you won’t be able to login to OB42 server once updated to OB43, and players using different OBs will not be able to play together. 


  • Estimated time for obligatory update is from 01:00PM Jan 26 (This may occur a bit earlier than estimated).
  • From this time on, all players have to update their Free Fire app to OB43 to be able to play the game.
  • If the game have not been updated before this time, players will be forced to log out for update (even when players are currently in-match)

NOTE: In case you are experiencing any difficulties during update, please contact our Customer Service at