Hello Survivors!

We are proud to share another round of our Anti-Hack progress update for 2022. We have conducted a series of Anti-Hack actions to combat hackers. We also enhanced our Anti-Hack detection methods and introduced new strategies toward hacks that can modify the game file to gain an unfair advantage.

In order to create a fair gaming environment, we are punishing cheaters more aggressively. This year, we banned more than 200,000 hackers every day, and the ranks of more than 7,000 players were penalized due to intentionally teaming with hackers.

Throughout our battle against hackers, we fixed various cheat loopholes and added new measures, both reinforcing and preventive, so that there is no place for cheating. We also added Match Replay as a new method to monitor suspicious gameplay. Special investigators are reviewing cheat-related Match Replays daily to maintain competitive integrity.

We take each report seriously. If you believe that you might have encountered a cheat, you can watch the match replay, if you have enabled the feature. You can also report a cheater in-game and on the match history page.

As cheaters are constantly trying to bypass our detection methods, we continue to dedicate our resources to fighting against cheats.

Once again, we would like to remind all players not to use any hacks. Let’s maintain a fair gaming environment together!

Free Fire Anti-Hack Operations Team