Fellow Survivors!


Today, we want to shed light on Gloo Walls; specifically, some problems surrounding its use during Battle Royale matches and the solution we will implement in the new version: Gloo Makers!

As many of you already know, the Gloo Wall is a core part of Free Fire’s gameplay as it provides cover not only during close-range combat but also on deserted terrains, making it feasible for players to move around more safely. However, its power does come with downsides, and now we’re here to address and solve them, once and for all, using the Gloo Maker.

Why The Gloo Maker? 

For the most part, we want to improve your gaming experience, especially at the start of the match. We know it can be a struggle to find enough Gloo Walls at the early stage of a match, then engage with enemies who are loaded with the defense grenade and get taken down because you didn’t have enough cover. In the new version, Gloo Walls will now be obtained from Gloo Makers instead of looted from the ground. Given to every player at the start of a Battle Royale match, the device automatically generates Gloo Walls periodically and can generate more when you upgrade it. This would enable you to have something to work with when you face enemies at the start of the game.

The new device also aims to encourage players to engage more, since it can be upgraded by accumulating experience points through dealing damage or acquiring Gloo Chips. After all, Battle Royale should be about survival of the fittest.

Another major issue with Gloo Walls is that towards the end of the battle, some survivors may have too many while others have too little, making it hard for the latter group to tactfully take down their foes. Since the Gloo Maker has a growth curve, players will get Gloo Walls as they fight, while no players will have the upper hand just because they have an abundance of Gloo Walls.


Our Plans For The Future 

Undoubtedly, we will continue to find ways to improve your gaming experience when using the Gloo Wall. In particular, we will closely monitor and adjust the Gloo Maker’s upgrade speed, generation speed, and obtain amount upon eliminating enemies to ensure that you guys have enough to ace your battles. Meanwhile, we will also make sure that there is a fair resource balance on the fighting pit and optimize the Gloo Maker’s upgrade methods and notifications. 



As always, we are eager to hear from you. Be sure to try out the Gloo Maker and let us know what you think!

GM Andrew